Wholesale Plug In Bmw Alarm W/ Smt Remote Windows/Top, [Accessories, Car Alarms]

CATEGORY: Accessories, Car Alarms


Stellars new BMWRTXC code-rolling alarms PLUG INTO YOUR 1992-2000 BMWs FACTORY PORT to protect you ultimate investment. The BMWRTXC plugs directly into your factory port and does not require wiring. The BMWRTXC offers complete code-jumping security with the convenience of Remote Keyless Entry and Power Windows plus features like Convertible Top Closing. By changing codes on the receiver after each transmission, Code-Jumping Technology protects you from toadys high-tech thief. In addition, it allows you to delete codes if your remote is lost or stolen. Stellars BMWRTXC offers many features not available on the BMW factory alarm at a fraction of the price. The BMWRTXC features Ignition Locking, which insures you and your passengers safety and convenience by automatically locking your doors when your car is started, and unlocking them when your ignition is turned off. (fully programmable) Stellars Built-In Adjustable S.M.T sensor offers Stellars 3-point Shock, Motion, and Tilt system of sensors which protects your BMW from any type of theft or tampering, unlike the BMW factory glass sensor which can only detect breakage of glass. Another feature youll find on Stellars BMWRTXC but not on the factory system is Stellars Ignition and Fuel Kill system that provides an extra layer of security for your BMW. All Stellar Alarms come with an easily accessible Silent Arming option. (Just press both buttons!) The BMWRTXCs double locking system dead-locks your doors, making them inoperable, even from the inside. For added convenience, in addition to operating your power windows, the accessory button on the remote can work with all of Stellars other BMW accessories, giving you the option of a remote trunk latch, remote start, remote convertible top, and more!
CATEGORY: Accessories, Car Alarms
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