RackGold® 10-32 Rack Slide-on Cage Nut & Screws w/ Washers 50-Pack G1032-DSW-Z50


RackGold® 10-32 Rack Slide-on Cage Nut & Screws w/ Washers 50-Pack G1032-DSW-Z50

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RackGold® Zinc 10-32 Rack Slide-on Cage Nut & Screws w/ Washers 50-Pack – RoHS Compliant & USA Made

Part # G1032-DSW-Z50

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Made in the USA 
Lifetime Warranty  

The RackGold® Slide-on Cage nuts are tough, rugged and sturdy that slide onto square hole rack rails, giving you various threading options such as 10-32, 12-24, M5 or M6. RackGold® 10-32 Slide-on Cage Nuts help securely install components within racks, cabinets, other enclosures. They’re a faster, easier option than tapping holes or using snap on cage nuts. For a strong, secure fit, just slide a nut retainer over the edge of the rail, locking them into the pre-punched holes. Most often used for mounting of servers, rack shelves, switches, routers, and other networking, electronic and data equipment.

Cage Nut Features
• Quantity: 50 – Bulk Pack
• Thread Size: 10-32
• Width 0.50″
• Depth 0.42″
• Height 0.57″
• Material(s)
• Hardened Steel
• Color/Zinc Finish  
• Slide-on Design
• RoHS compliant
• Made in the USA

Slide-on Design
Slide-on Cage Nuts slide onto tapped holes in 4-post server racks, open frame and telco racks, the purpose of the slide-on fastener is to slide on rails that have holes that are not tapped.

Easily Replaced
Take away the hassle of dealing with stripped holes in tapped rails. If you strip a cage nut they can easily be replaced in the field, saving you time and money.

Choose Your Size
Using universal rack rails and cage nuts gives you the flexibility to use whatever size hardware you prefer. You can even use multiple sizes in the same installation. So now you can use smaller rack screws and cage nuts for lightweight rack shelves, cable managers, and spacer blanks, and larger hardware for heavier equipment such as servers, UPS’s and KVM switches.

Added Strength
The construction and materials used are better suited for threading than what is used in full size tapped rails. This provides a stronger, more durable fastening solution.

The RackGold® 10-32 Rack Screws with washers are not your everyday hardware store item. These superior, USA Made, quality screws should be your only choice for installing rackmount devices such as shelves, cable managers, servers, and other network, A/V and electronic equipment.

Rack Screw Features
• Quantity: 50 – Bulk Pack
• 0.75” in length
• 10-32 pilot point
• Phillips truss head
• Material(s)  Hardened Steel / Plastic (washer) 
• Color/Finish Zinc Oxide with Wax Finish
• RoHS compliant
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA

Dog/Pilot Point
The straight pointed section below the thread helps to self-guide the screw to prevent accidental stripping while also improving the ease of installation.

Phillips Truss Head
Truss head screws can be installed with one of the most universal tools on the market. Requires only a Phillips head screwdriver or bit.

Protective Plastic Washer
Distributes the pressure of the screw head more evenly to prevent damage or scratches to your rack mountable devices.

Compatible Rail Systems
RackGold® 10-32 rack screws can be utilized in any 10-32 tapped rail system. They can also be installed in universal cage nut style rails when used in conjunction with 10-32 cage nuts.

Superior Manufacturing
The cold hardened steel construction produces a high-quality finish with excellent dimensional stability. We then take it one step further and finish them with a Zinc oxide coating so the screw blends in with white or chrome network racks, cabinets, and accessories.

What’s included?
Qty 50 – Zinc 10-32 Slide-on Cage Nuts – USA Made
Qty 50 – Zinc 10-32 Rack Screws – USA Made
Qty 50 – Plastic Washers – USA Made

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