12mm x 60mm Zinc Plated Sleeve Anchor Fixing for Masonry,Brick,Stone,Concrete


12mm x 60mm Zinc Plated Sleeve Anchor Fixing for Masonry,Brick,Stone,Concrete

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ZincPlated Sleeve Anchor Fixing

Hexagonal head with a round slotembossed in the middle. Hexagonal head has six-sided recess. A flangeinserted underneath the hexagonal head for wider bearing surface.Full bodied wedge anchor helps to attach objects or structures toconcrete.

MaterialUsed:Manufactured with high-quality zinc plated steel. Provides corrosionresistance to the anchor fixing. Prevents oxidation of the metal.Higley durable anchor bolt.

UserFriendly Anchor Bolt:Easy to use. Safe application of anchor fixing for masonry. Travelfriendly due to light-weighted construction.

SleeveAnchor Fixing Functions:Broadly used on all types of projects, from standard buildings todams and nuclear power plants. Anchor bolt also help to securelyaffix embed plates to a concrete foundation when used with astructural steel element.

SleeveAnchor Fixing for Masonry, Brick, Stone and Concrete Specifications

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Expansion anchor for fixing to alltypes of masonry

Drill the correct size hole, clearthe hole, place the anchor in the hole, set the anchor by tighteningthe nut



12mm hole size; thread diameter M10; max fixture thickness 15mm.

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